So you’ve made it to my website – welcome! 🙂

Where to start… Well, I’ve lived in Nanaimo for over 30 years and absolutely love it here – Nanaimo is a fantastic place to call home!

I’m a thinker and a doer, I thrive on team work and overcoming challenges. I see challenges as being opportunities to further improve upon the amazing community we live in.

I’m involved in a variety of initiatives and am passionate about using my skills in ways that can help move things forward in positive productive ways. I especially enjoy discussing, collaborating, and doing things that can help Nanaimo become a better place for everyone.

I hope you’ll come join in the conversation – you can find some of my thoughts in the posts below and I’d love to hear yours too!

Peter Urquhart

Recent Posts

Committing to address the dangerous Albion and Bruce intersection is the first step towards helping prevent further loss of lives and livelihoods

The Albion and Bruce crossing is in the core of Harewood where thousands of cars and pedestrians travel daily. It's a well used access point to the majority of amenities that Harewood citizens access daily - a grocery store, convenience store, pharmacy, restaurants - all sorts of amenities. People of all ages utilize this intersection; families, individuals, children on their way to and from school, seniors walking to the grocery store and back - you name it.

Moving forward with the GPC - addressing the root problem instead of creating workarounds

At the Special Committee of the Whole (COW) meeting this past Monday, Staff introduced a draft Terms of Reference for the establishment of the Governance and Priorities Committee. Upon reading the draft TOR and hearing the issues and impacts brought forward by Staff along towards the lengthy discussion that occurred at the Special Committee of the Whole meeting last Monday between Council and Staff, it quickly became clear that there are significant negative impacts if the COW is to be replaced by the GPC.

The power of words and how they're used makes a big difference

Isn't it time that we start recognizing the importance of that? There sure is a lot of discourse in discussions about homelessness, addiction, and crime happening as a result of the significant crisis we face here in Nanaimo. This post is about trying to get past that and starting to shift things into a more constructive path forward in conversations that are had, and I provide some tools to help do that.

Whether you support or oppose the temporary housing locations, you're right

It's of no surprise that the issues around the temporary housing locations along with our significant homelessness issue are causing some serious problems throughout the community. Crime has been increasing throughout Nanaimo for quite some time. Without a doubt there is a concentrated increase in reported incidents in the neighbourhoods surrounding the temporary locations, however it would be false logic to attribute the establishment of the temporary locations as being the sole reason - correlation does not equal causation.

The Waterfront Walkway

In its essence, the citizens have clearly made a decision in support of this project - including myself. Yet, I find myself to have a love/hate relationship with this project. Not because of what it is, but because of its designed flaws.
Affordable Housing - 1406 Bowen Road

Affordable Housing is Beautiful

Today I had an unexpected opportunity to check out the affordable homes at 1406 Bowen Road - there was a birthday party happening there and I needed to help someone get there to attend. I was excited, I’ve been wanting to check out this beautiful award-winning complex for quite some time.